Monday, December 6, 2010

Melodramatic fool that I am...Save me!

So a question for you all who are presumably of greater intelligence than myself, if you were to have a personal item stolen then physically retaliate, is it the other person's fault, your fault, or 50/50?
And while I'm at it, well no. Never mind. This is where I tell you to insert a nice, hefty question with backbone that leaves your little brains tingly and firing off synapses..ah well I guess there isn't one as of yet. Until next time then. ;)

I'm off to eat my goobers, which for those of you poor, unfortunate souls who don't know what those are, is a box of chocolate covered peanuts. <3

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wow another epic story!

So I found out today that our second service isn't doing an advent wreath. That is something I look forward to seeing and usually participating in during the Christmas season. I'm really bummed. I can't believe that the yahoo's running our service think that all these "new christan's" that I don't really see are going to be afraid of a wreath of candles. It's part of their new faith, you think the would embrace it right? Apparently they don't think so. I'm just so frustrated with it all and now I'm not sure if some of my family's newest old friends will still be coming to our service!
I haven't seen them for two weeks! :'( it makes me so sad and I really can't stand that as we're trying to reach the people we never could we're sending others away because they aren't being helped or appreciated or feel their needed any longer. I don't believe it's right but I don't know where else I would go if I chose to leave. This place is my home and I don't think I'm ready to make such a big decision so for now I'll wait it out, just as I always have, hoping this time I won't fall...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Really? It's been two weeks? Huh...

So it's been over two weeks. Wow. Boy do I need a less busy life. Or maybe a more organized one works. Hmmm....Anyway, Just wanted to check in with you all. =] I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of good food, friends, and family!

I went to Walmart yesterday for Black Friday deals with Eric. We picked him up on Thanksgiving day and stayed at my house until eleven, left for Walmart and had trouble finding parking. =/ We got there at midnight for some awesome deals then had to wait in line for two hours. Then we had to wait three more hours and fifteen dollars short supplied be me to get his new laptop. Went back to my house after discovering that my bank opens at nine in the morning and it was seven...
Ate some breakfast then slept on the couch until eleven when my mom said we were going to my grandma's for left overs. Then we watched Bleach on his new computer. I finished the Bleach manga no. 14 just this morning and now need to find fifteen, some number lol. I'm in the one hundreds episodes by manga so since there are almost three hundred, I would believe there are more than twenty volumes of manga. >< Thanks a lot Eric... =P 
So that's my life in a nutshell.
Now for my other life, called choir ^^
Today we have a sectional at two o'clock and on Monday we also have a sectional, at three. This means for two weeks now I will have missed Intervarsity because of sectionals, but we do need them seeing as our concert is this coming Thursday, December 2. We're close to being ready, but we still need some work on a few of our more difficult pieces. The sectionals are necessary, but with how many people show up, it sometimes isn't really worth it except for the men, who I do believe will always need help. -Sigh- Yes. But at least my family can make it to the concert, so I'm happy.  Guess I should go get ready to take the buss across town to the school for sectional. Yay! Joy of my life! Not....But I'll make the most of it. Thackeray, please, in all the stars above leave me not to mine own devises and provide me with just a small amount of entertainment from such ennui as is waiting my turn to sing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five days have passed

And so much has changed in my life. But not really that much. So in the last five days I figured out that maybe I shouldn't say never, and also that why should my friends care so long as I'm happy and not in trouble/hurt? They shouldn't, but I know they will goes. Yes. I now have a boyfriend. Deal if you don't like him/can't stand him/whatever. I wanted something new, a change of pace, and I know for a fact that he'll treat me right, cause if he doesn't, my awesome ninja skills will be put to use. Along with all my friends too...So. That's all that's really pressing in my life right now. That and I really do hope that the Allan Hancock Foundation enjoyed the performance the Allan Hancock Choral Singers did for them tonight! I know I enjoyed it ^^
And yes, this was short and probably a waste of your time. Too bad =P

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not out of the woods yet...

But on the whole yesterday and early this morning were awesome! =] I do so love roller coasters and thrilling adventures with people that all seem to call me their friends. It makes life fun. Due to a lack of ability to stop the words "I'm sorry!" from escaping his mouth, Eric now owes me twenty six packs of my most favorite drink, Dr. Pepper! Yes that's right, I caught him saying that twenty times. In one day! 
But anyhow, we (Eric and I) are at some point in time going to plan the most epic bonfire with those six packs at the beach =]. I also discovered today that I may have been replaced in the situation of the dear boy from choir liking me. I'm not sure, but that's what's goin' 'round the airwaves. If it was due to general disinterest or reading my blog, OR truly finding someone more apt to fall in line [I never do] I am at a loss to say. But nonetheless I can rest much easier knowing I didn't break it to him awfully and that he can still get on in life. =]
That's all I have to say about that. Yes.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

No new stuff since October! What?!?!?

So I noticed that I haven't posted since October 28th! How dare me! So What happened in my life since then? The next day I went to a Mormon dance with Eric and some of his friends and saw Evelyn there too. So that was pretty fun. 
On Halloween I went to Liesa's birthday part which was themed: Masquerade! That was tons of fun except that I had to leave early cause I don't have a car =/ and my brother is ocd about being early for everything. Even things he doesn't like. >< And some how between all of this I had gotten myself onto a date that I never intended with a guy from choir who I don't see like that...and have yet to tell him that it isn't happening, though I think he also made other plans anyway so until he asks again, I will sit and be cowardly. Yes. I know that at some point I had more to bore you all with, but for the life of me, I can't remember. 
Tomorrow, Friday the fifth of November I am going with Eric and some more of his crazy Mormon friends (their all Mormon, but I knew him before I knew the others...which for some reason makes me think of a creepy movie that might not even exist..) to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Yay roller coasters!!!! 
But today could have gone better in the morning. And when my dad got home. This morning I had major difficulties with my breakfast, but yoga stretching with resistance bands made up for that...then after choir I went to a late lunch/early dinner (also known as linner or dunch depending on who you ask on what side of my family ;]). My grandma took me and my brother and brought us back home. When dad walked in I was reading. Perfectly normal, quiet activity.
He puts his stuff down in his bedroom comes back out to the living room and motions, speaks jibberish and acts like a baby learning to speak, all for the frigging remote control to the t.v. I hate when he does this. It embarasess me, even if I am the only one who sees it. Ahhh!!!!!!!! I give him the remote but don't look him in the eye. He doesn't notice. I throw my book down on the couch. No reaction as he turns on the t.v. which is never quiet no matter how low the volume level is. I would never be so rude, but obviously, I didn't get my manners from his side of the family.
This is probably why I want to be done with guys, and if you've read any of my other posts the "I'm a lesbian now" comments come from. Even though, for the record of facts about me, I am not a lesbian. The words just seem to do two things to boys/men/idiots of the opposite gender. I'll let you all think over what those things are. And your hint? One for me is positive, and the other is positively disgusting. 

I want to thank you all again for tuning in to my rambles that don't really make your life any better or worse!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To hate or not to hate...that is MY question.

So. Lots to update my ravishing readers with now. =]

To start: My dad forgot me at home on purpose on Sunday!!!! How mean!!!!!
Then I get invited to the costume themed "Benefit Concert". I invited people and no one came because they forgot. So my mom, brother, and I were there and hardly got talked to by the cool and popular crowd. So I go to update my Facebook status and one friend says 'aww I totally forgot!!!' and i replied 'that's okay. wasn't much fun anyway'
The entire benefit concert was two performances by single artists that are not famous in any way. Now, I'm not against indie music, but when it's cover songs, serenades to one mans fiance and a bunch of kids younger than me, I'm really not having a good time.
I check my Facebook late today and I see that two people have commented that the concert was great and fun and why didn't I have any fun, and one person likes one of the status's that says to dislike my comment.....seriously?
What haters. And from my own church no less!
So in jest, to my friends that would understand, seeing as my boy situation is less than stellar...I'm considering becoming a lesbian and an atheist/agnostic whatever/ heathen. =] For everyone else, I'm just going to keep on being me. Which means to pay no mind to the sentence before the former one. K, thanks! Bye!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ranting and raving

So. Today was church and this weekend was great. Went down to SB to for lunch with some family and then went to visit at the home. Got some really cool jewelry and had a wonderful time chatting it up with the ladies =]. This morning though, was not nearly as great.
I woke up and had some quick oats my mom made and sat down on the couch end so I could curl up. Dad comes out and asks if he can sit there. I should have said: What for? I'm already sitting here. And it's comfy. Mom's moves things for you to sit next to her. What I actually did: *small pouty face* Okay...sure. Gets up and moves to other side.
He didn't really check email or anything that is considered vitally important to the rest of the world that uses a computer on a daily basis. He played a game. An effin' RPG REAL TIME GAME. THAT DOESN'T SERVE A PURPOSE AT ALL!!!!!!!! ALL IT EFFIN' EVER DOES IS TAKE UP TIME AND SPACE FOR STUPID PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO LIFE OR HAVE SERIOUS CASES OF ESCAPISM IN THEIR LIVES, WHETHER OR NOT THEY NEED TO!!!!!!!!
Not to mention that this morning at church I come to find that not only is our service being moved from the designated building created specifically for worship, to the fellowship hall that was the sanctuary before we had the money to make the sanctuary, we're going to desecrate the walls and ceiling that we recently had redone to look so nice. Is everyone on crack these days? Seriously people, grow up and stop hiding behind the phrases "It's for the Lord" and "'The Lord wills it". If he did would so many of your now so few congregation be leaving like they have been? Or dropping like flies because they aren't under forty? Honestly, I said my piece and believed it was heard as it had been mentioned indirectly. But I suppose the like minded people to me as well as myself are unimportant because we asked to move back. But all the un-churched that are attending (no more than ten a month I believe) want what they want and I guess we'll keep changing until we are a feel good church.
Worshiping isn't just Sunday morning, but when your Sunday morning is taken away to be mashed up and used in a manner it was never quite intended for, can anyone help but be a little miffed? 

Well at least I told you it would be a rant....

Friday, October 15, 2010

So this weekend

Is sure to be fun lol. Not that it wouldn't be fun if it was another weekend. But I have some serious awesomeness goin' down everyday. Tonight is my grandma's b-day and my aunt is coming up from SB to make her dinner and is bringing some cake. Then tomorrow we're all going down to SB to eat at Natural Cafe with the fam. for fun and I think for my aunt/cousin/great cousin's birthday too. 
Ooo! And a new milestone for me! I'm going to try to work out a little bit everyday. Some people may say I don't really need it or I look fine. But honestly, I'm sure my insides want to kill me if I don't end up doing it first. So today I went running...and didn't run all the way, but I did make it half way through the route I had planned out before leaving. Walked the rest of the way and I was happy with that. =] And once I've gotten through my mini route I'll expand to a different one that takes more time and get myself to where I really should be. Of course my dad needs to get up off his lazy a** and effin not buy processed food and store ready crap that doesn't help anyone stay fit and healthy. >.<
Anyway I think I know now what this blog will be about, and not just me complaining about how unfair my life is 'cause of my dad. Lol it will be my fitness calendar/calculator/tracker/thing ;) yeah! And btw I love lolcats! ^^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hmmm...first blog [Not ever though]

So...This is my first blog on this site, though I have posted multiple times on This is just sort of for me to know that I have the beginning of something not just a Myspace account that I sometimes post my ravings and rants on. 
Anyway, for anyone who reads this, I thank you because otherwise it is absolutely pointless. If you have a suggestion/idea for me to write/blog about let me know. I will try to check this more often than I have and get some things up!