Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not out of the woods yet...

But on the whole yesterday and early this morning were awesome! =] I do so love roller coasters and thrilling adventures with people that all seem to call me their friends. It makes life fun. Due to a lack of ability to stop the words "I'm sorry!" from escaping his mouth, Eric now owes me twenty six packs of my most favorite drink, Dr. Pepper! Yes that's right, I caught him saying that twenty times. In one day! 
But anyhow, we (Eric and I) are at some point in time going to plan the most epic bonfire with those six packs at the beach =]. I also discovered today that I may have been replaced in the situation of the dear boy from choir liking me. I'm not sure, but that's what's goin' 'round the airwaves. If it was due to general disinterest or reading my blog, OR truly finding someone more apt to fall in line [I never do] I am at a loss to say. But nonetheless I can rest much easier knowing I didn't break it to him awfully and that he can still get on in life. =]
That's all I have to say about that. Yes.

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