Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh, boy.

Well. Today wasn't exactly the start I had hoped for on a normal Wednesday. Terribly hectic and stressful because I wasn't asleep until after 2 AM and upon getting ready to leave for school half an hour after I woke up, I couldn't find an important piece of paper that had contact information for my professor should I find I was unable to make, or would be late to class. When I found the lovely pink paper, my dad finally realized I was in a manic state of looking and asked the ridiculous question: "Lookin' for something?" to which I replied "Found it!" in an extremely annoyed tone. Walking around the dividing wall in our home seeing me clutching the paper he begins to chuckle.
For any of you who know me well enough, I do not much appreciate being laughed at for throwing a fit/temper tantrum despite my age and supposed maturity level. I especially do not like when my own father feels that it is appropriate and dare I say, even acceptable to laugh lightly at his daughters frenzied state in front of her boyfriend with whom she usually bikes to school. Because of my sleep schedule being severely interrupted we were going to walk to the bus...and it took me about another hour to fully be over my frenzy and hysteria afterward because I really cannot stand my dad's outlook and take on life most of the time. I don't begrudge him his lifestyle. He chose it, and I don't begrudge him the wisdom he possess, or sometimes thinks he possesses. I just don't like when I have no choice in the matter and it is expected that I should adhere to ever single tirelessly scrutinized detail of what he believes life should be for me.