Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over a month!

              Wow so much has happened this last month that I had to write it all down before I posted this time! Let’s see,  my friend graduated from the junior college in June and will be moving into her apartment so she can attend UCSB and I am so excited for her! On top of that I’ve registered for all of the classes that I could this semester which include World Civilizations to 1600, Swim Fitness Lab, Macro Economics, and Intro to Biology. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I am only one credit away from being a full time student this semester and I also plan on finding work (I really mean it this time, to the best of my ability) so I won’t have much time to really read or blog or even play on Facebook. But that works out find because I know I need to get my butt in gear about school, even if I can’t stand half of the English department…sigh.
                Let me go into July and everything that happened there. Hmmm the second full week (July 10) I started a trip with Eric and had a blast. Some of my most recent pictures on Facebook were from that trip. We borrowed my mom’s car and drove up to Vallejo which is on the east side of the San Francisco Bay (yes the loveliest part of The Bay…) to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I had so much fun walking around the park with Eric and seeing the butterflies, the big cats, all of the other animals and finally at the end of the day watching Shouka, the parks resident orca, in her final show of the day in the splash zone!
The day after we visited the park we went whale watching in Monterey Bay and saw so many wonderful things. We saw more Blue Whales than most tours see all season I think and we saw three different pods of Dolphins that most people travel the world to see, and these three pods conveniently like to swim together. They were also chasing a Blue Whale, which our naturalist guide said was highly uncommon to see. We also saw a good deal of Humpback Whales and Jellies (Jellyfish). I also had a good time watching a shy Sea Otter eating a clam. ^^ When we were done with the whale watching we drove up to go camping in Big Sur at a campground called Botchers Gap (cool name huh?) and ended up getting “rained” on because we were under a tree with low branches that caught the moisture in the fog and let it drip onto our tent. Needless to say it was an interesting and eventful trip that I enjoyed. While Eric and I were on our trip, my mom, dad, and brother, along with our only kitty went to Yosemite. I know all the people enjoyed the trip but I heard that the cat was fit to be tied about this whole moving vehicle stuff. Because that is just so wrong lol, at least in my cat’s opinion. ;) My mom has videos of her on Facebook.
So we all got back the same day and everyone, my family and Eric included, had one day to turn around and pack again. Eric won a bonus to go to Sea World at work and my family was going on vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona. While Eric got to leave at nine o’clock in the morning we left at four with me driving from our house through L.A. and into the desert communities in Southeastern California. We stopped at a Denny’s for some breakfast and kept moving on, my dad driving the rest of the way into Arizona with one stop for gas then finally arriving at the resort. We spent a fun but hot week in the desert sun swimming, (I got a nice tan!) relaxing, and doing some sightseeing. The last full day we were in Arizona we went to the Phoenix zoo and saw all of the animals asleep in their habitats because it was so hot. We also went to a saloon in a ghost town for lunch and got to walk through it. Just before we left the ghost town we saw some lightening and heard thunder so I sort of got to experience the awesome thunderstorms that photographers love about Arizona =]. But I also got some sad news from one of my best friends, Crystal who we had invited to go with us but had ended up not having the money to come. While my family was in Arizona Crystal’s grandma had a stroke and had to be taken to the hospital, and if Crystal had come with us I would have felt so terrible that she wasn’t there for her. After I got back from AZ her grandma passed away. A few days after her family had left town I went and spent the night with her to keep her company and I got to help her have a good time, at least I’m pretty sure I did.  R.I.P. sweet grandma Wilma, even though I didn’t know her as long as some of Crystal’s friends I still loved her, too.
On top of all of this my grandma (on my dad’s side) was emailing back and forth with my parents about her car. At the end of the next week when my mom’s side of the family was going to have the Campos Family Reunion, it was decided that we would stop by after and pick up my grandma’s car that she wouldn’t be needing anymore, and we got it for no extra cost. I haven’t driven it yet but I rode up in it with my mom and I must say it is a motivating factor for me to get my school on track. I also need a job so that I can pay for gas and insurance on the car my mom had been driving until I leave for school elsewhere, in which I will get our newest to the family car. For now though, I will be driving around the Oldsmobile and my mom will have the Sonata. Wow, I think I covered everything I wanted to cover about my life, now about Eric’s life? Hmmm, well maybe not lol. It’s too complicated and there would have to be a whole other blog for everything that goes on in his family’s life. In his mom’s words: “It’s like a friggin’ soap opera!”.  So until next time my lovelies!