Thursday, November 4, 2010

No new stuff since October! What?!?!?

So I noticed that I haven't posted since October 28th! How dare me! So What happened in my life since then? The next day I went to a Mormon dance with Eric and some of his friends and saw Evelyn there too. So that was pretty fun. 
On Halloween I went to Liesa's birthday part which was themed: Masquerade! That was tons of fun except that I had to leave early cause I don't have a car =/ and my brother is ocd about being early for everything. Even things he doesn't like. >< And some how between all of this I had gotten myself onto a date that I never intended with a guy from choir who I don't see like that...and have yet to tell him that it isn't happening, though I think he also made other plans anyway so until he asks again, I will sit and be cowardly. Yes. I know that at some point I had more to bore you all with, but for the life of me, I can't remember. 
Tomorrow, Friday the fifth of November I am going with Eric and some more of his crazy Mormon friends (their all Mormon, but I knew him before I knew the others...which for some reason makes me think of a creepy movie that might not even exist..) to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Yay roller coasters!!!! 
But today could have gone better in the morning. And when my dad got home. This morning I had major difficulties with my breakfast, but yoga stretching with resistance bands made up for that...then after choir I went to a late lunch/early dinner (also known as linner or dunch depending on who you ask on what side of my family ;]). My grandma took me and my brother and brought us back home. When dad walked in I was reading. Perfectly normal, quiet activity.
He puts his stuff down in his bedroom comes back out to the living room and motions, speaks jibberish and acts like a baby learning to speak, all for the frigging remote control to the t.v. I hate when he does this. It embarasess me, even if I am the only one who sees it. Ahhh!!!!!!!! I give him the remote but don't look him in the eye. He doesn't notice. I throw my book down on the couch. No reaction as he turns on the t.v. which is never quiet no matter how low the volume level is. I would never be so rude, but obviously, I didn't get my manners from his side of the family.
This is probably why I want to be done with guys, and if you've read any of my other posts the "I'm a lesbian now" comments come from. Even though, for the record of facts about me, I am not a lesbian. The words just seem to do two things to boys/men/idiots of the opposite gender. I'll let you all think over what those things are. And your hint? One for me is positive, and the other is positively disgusting. 

I want to thank you all again for tuning in to my rambles that don't really make your life any better or worse!


  1. Life sounds about normal for you! It is neat to see inside your life. I wish I could be there to talk with you in person. If you ever want to talk call me sometime. No texting though...Uncle Brad won't spring for it. Love you my creative niece!!
    Aunt Beth

  2. Thanks Aunt Beth! And aww man! But then again, conversations are so much more personal and fun ^^