Friday, October 15, 2010

So this weekend

Is sure to be fun lol. Not that it wouldn't be fun if it was another weekend. But I have some serious awesomeness goin' down everyday. Tonight is my grandma's b-day and my aunt is coming up from SB to make her dinner and is bringing some cake. Then tomorrow we're all going down to SB to eat at Natural Cafe with the fam. for fun and I think for my aunt/cousin/great cousin's birthday too. 
Ooo! And a new milestone for me! I'm going to try to work out a little bit everyday. Some people may say I don't really need it or I look fine. But honestly, I'm sure my insides want to kill me if I don't end up doing it first. So today I went running...and didn't run all the way, but I did make it half way through the route I had planned out before leaving. Walked the rest of the way and I was happy with that. =] And once I've gotten through my mini route I'll expand to a different one that takes more time and get myself to where I really should be. Of course my dad needs to get up off his lazy a** and effin not buy processed food and store ready crap that doesn't help anyone stay fit and healthy. >.<
Anyway I think I know now what this blog will be about, and not just me complaining about how unfair my life is 'cause of my dad. Lol it will be my fitness calendar/calculator/tracker/thing ;) yeah! And btw I love lolcats! ^^

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