Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Short and Sweet

Well, I must say that even though I don't always enjoy school it is great to be back again. Not much to my classes thought I know some would call me crazy. All classes with the same teacher? Psh. Easy peasy until I lose my mind =P. Also on another high note, I am being somewhat forced to, but for my own good, to ride my bike to school. Not so much of an issue if I were more in shape lol. But that's exactly what it's about. 
And in regards to my previous post, if you can't PM me on here I will attach an email for you to reach me at =] so you can, if you so choose, contact me for further information on said jerk all star. 
Best news yet: I'm in choir. Again. =] yay! Most definitely my favourtie class of all and yes, I am again a soprano and today our warm up reached a C! Woot! So. I am most certainly going to enjoy my semester even if my buttocks is sore from a hard seat, and I'm a crazy woman for taking three classes with the same teacher. =]

Until we meet again loves,

headfirst_for_halos77@yahoo.com =]

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Undercover work, anyone?

So I have made some discoveries of the unsavory kind in regards to a certain person. Some of you may know exactly who this is, and others, well I can only hope you never have the misfortune of meeting them. =] Anyway on with my ranting and raving about this person. They apparently are never single for long and are always with more than one person. 
How rude right? And on top of that, they believe this life of evil can keep going on unchecked and disturbed. But then I am here, and wrecking ball that I am, have every and utmost intention to bring them down. Here is where I would say with any means possible, but that ends up with jail sentences and stuff like that. Not really my thing, sooo.... On with plan super B!
I have contact information to this person and have my ways of making more discoveries. If any of you are willing, have the time, or just like to see people like this come into contact with harsh and jarring reality known as life, please respond to me so I can give you anything that works! Thanks lovelies =]

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Almost a month?

There is something terribly wrong about not having blogged in almost a month. And I know what the main problem is, well problems rather.
My dad seems to think that it is every man/woman for themselves when it comes to computer time and I really don't think that's fair. I don't complain to anyone but my mom because she is the only one in our family that will listen when I say, hey, mom, this isn't right here, what do I do? And on top of that, my dad really could care less so long as he can take care of that one last thing.
To anyone who is, may be, or knows an addict of any kind, these are not good things to hear. But of course, my father isn't addicted. It's his way of 'relieving stress' and 'winding down'. I say that is a bunch of flat out B.S....and I don't mean bachelor's of science degrees..
I do wish I could do more, but that would mean I would have to work harder and at so young an age where I'm still discovering everything I want and what really works for me, working harder is extremely tiring and almost not worth my time if it isn't going to make anything better and only cause more problems.
I realize this turned into more of a rant than an actual blog telling what I've been doing and how Christmas and New Years went. Sorry about that!

Christmas was rather interesting. Got to spend Christmas Eve with Eric. That was plenty fun, as was the tenth of December, when we were together for a month. ^^ New Years was shall I say, almost totally epic? Eric and I planned a bonfire out of town that my dad immediately nixed in replacement with something in town because he was afraid I would drive off the road due to possible rain that turned out to not even show up night of. Honestly I have enough skills to not drive off a road and if he was so worried wouldn't you think he just says no? I don't know how hard it is for some people but I has become one of my favorite non used words. So that has been my last month just about. Hoping to find a job still where I may end up having to move out because my dad will charge me rent and I have a feeling it won't be an entirely fair price because I know for a fact the only debt my parents have incurred is their day to day living. COL is not as expensive as a house and car payments along with tuition, books, food, and other things stupider people waste money like movies, new clothes every three months and such. But still, he worries like we're going to be homeless tomorrow. May as well just beat him to the shot and do it myself it seems like. Maybe I should find another activity to pursue since I'm just making this more depressing than it really should be.
Until next time lovelies!