Saturday, November 27, 2010

Really? It's been two weeks? Huh...

So it's been over two weeks. Wow. Boy do I need a less busy life. Or maybe a more organized one works. Hmmm....Anyway, Just wanted to check in with you all. =] I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of good food, friends, and family!

I went to Walmart yesterday for Black Friday deals with Eric. We picked him up on Thanksgiving day and stayed at my house until eleven, left for Walmart and had trouble finding parking. =/ We got there at midnight for some awesome deals then had to wait in line for two hours. Then we had to wait three more hours and fifteen dollars short supplied be me to get his new laptop. Went back to my house after discovering that my bank opens at nine in the morning and it was seven...
Ate some breakfast then slept on the couch until eleven when my mom said we were going to my grandma's for left overs. Then we watched Bleach on his new computer. I finished the Bleach manga no. 14 just this morning and now need to find fifteen, some number lol. I'm in the one hundreds episodes by manga so since there are almost three hundred, I would believe there are more than twenty volumes of manga. >< Thanks a lot Eric... =P 
So that's my life in a nutshell.
Now for my other life, called choir ^^
Today we have a sectional at two o'clock and on Monday we also have a sectional, at three. This means for two weeks now I will have missed Intervarsity because of sectionals, but we do need them seeing as our concert is this coming Thursday, December 2. We're close to being ready, but we still need some work on a few of our more difficult pieces. The sectionals are necessary, but with how many people show up, it sometimes isn't really worth it except for the men, who I do believe will always need help. -Sigh- Yes. But at least my family can make it to the concert, so I'm happy.  Guess I should go get ready to take the buss across town to the school for sectional. Yay! Joy of my life! Not....But I'll make the most of it. Thackeray, please, in all the stars above leave me not to mine own devises and provide me with just a small amount of entertainment from such ennui as is waiting my turn to sing!

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