Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well, well, well.

For those of you who have not heard yet, yes, I am now engaged. I had planned on blogging about this all earlier but many a circumstance happened (as it always does when I actually get time to blog about anything since cracking my screen last year) and I was taken away from the page to rant and rave and cry about quite a few things. What those are you will surely find out if you keep reading. =]
First: on my engagement and surrounding stories. It was a rather out of the blue moment for me, where I knew something was happening but I wasn't quite sure of what. The day had started in my family getting together and going down for my cousin's birthday breakfast in Santa Barbara with Eric in tow, Eric and I in my car because he had said he wanted to go on a date in town after we had finished presents at my cousin's house. We didn't go on a date in town, though we got directions to State street and upon driving through realized how daffy it would have been to try and do anything even remotely un-stressful while there. So. We drove back up to Santa Maria and drove through town and at the Main Street exit I had to blindfold myself (I know right? Honestly...) while Eric drove me around to get a "turkey" for Christmas dinner for his mom as he had said. I didn't quite believe him, but being blindfolded and not wanting to ruin the surprise I made sure I really couldn't see. I believed we had turned into the Von's parking lot and that he actually had gotten a turkey. The parking lot in question had actually been for Rose of Sharon and after leaving with said "turkey" we went to the gas station on Main and Benwiley's and then proceeded to drive through town to confuse me and onto the northbound 101 on the Donovan on ramp. I guessed it had been that one though Eric lied and said that no, we were on the 1 north and not the 101 and because I only drive the 101 anywhere ever, I wasn't sure and so believed him that it just might have been an on ramp to the 1 north. 
By now I'm guessing that 1 or 101 we are going to Shell Beach and that we will just spend the afternoon watching the tide come in and collecting anything that looks interesting and somewhat different much like we did on our anniversary at Oceano Beach while collecting sand dollars of every size and color.
Well, while we're driving he asks if Pismo Beach is before or after Shell Beach, and now I'm completely confused and thinking maybe he is taking me to the Mothership for another piercing, or to get some new jewelery. I have no idea what is going on at all. So I slowly say "Well I think Pismo is before but I'm not sure..did you look at the signs?" I don't get much of a response but I figure it was something like "Oh yeah..uh okay. Um..well okay." We keep driving and finally we park and because I have a rather visual memory I was guessing that we were at Shell Beach. Eric stops the car and gets out then opens the door beside me and helps me out. I don't want to say that I have bad hearing, because I don't, I just rely entirely too much on my sight to really use my other senses without it. If I went blind I would be utterly useless. Anyway, Eric helps me out of the car and we walk (I'm still blindfolded mind you. Have been this whole time.) to the grass near the gazebo and Eric has me take off my blind fold. I didn't realize that at some point he had gotten the rose he had bought at Rose of Sharon out of the car and slipped the ring over the leaf stem but he had..and as I take off my blindfold and blink a few times to clear my vision, he takes the rose from behind his back and gives it to me.
Now I have to tell you, I'm not always the most observant but this time, seeing as I was rather deprived of my most useful sense, I was. I don't even gibe Eric time to ask the question, I just start tearing up and I jump towards him almost sending us both off the cliff just feet behind him and I can't help myself I just keep crying hysterically. It's not the kind of crying where your sad or your angry or anything like that, it's the happy, "I can't believe this is happening to me" or the "Extreme Home Makeover built me a new house!" kind of tears. The ones that you can't help but find cute, but you still wish you could stop because tears do not compute with what guys know how to deal with well. 
So without even a chance to breath let alone process we look at each other, grinning like fools and kiss. Then Eric slips the ring off the rose and onto my ring finger..on my right hand. I only notice this after we start walking towards the steps to the beach and I go to look at it and I don't see it on the correct hand. I laugh and ask if he meant to do that and he laughs nervously and admits he was nervous and didn't even realize he had done that. While we're walking towards the beach after putting the ring on the correct hand a lady in her car yells through the window "You two look good together!". We both blush and smile and thank her and keep walking our way. All in all we had a wonderful date together and it was one of the sweetest things Eric has done for me. And I know this is awfully forgetful of me, but did I mention this was Christmas Eve day? Well it was. Yes. And we told both our families the next day, since Eric spent the day with my family and I spent the evening with his family.
If that was a little difficult to follow I am sorry, I am not very good at narrating what goes on in my life, just reporting on it I suppose. And now it is almost time for school again. The job search continues. I am in a hopeful position where I may become employed at Motel 6 as a clerk (front desk) but my chances are slowly diminishing with each passing day. :( But alas, I am sure there is something out there I can do that will pay my something for showing up on time when it is that I get scheduled to work so long as I don't miss school. I think. If not, I can still move out then claim myself on all financial aid forms and be homeless and collecting money for school..or just stay poorly equiped for it because my family (whose tax information I am REQUIRED to use... >.<) makes too much money for me to get the state waiver for tuition and too much money for federal financial aid but doesn't make enough to put me through even community college full time. Is it just me or is there something perversely wrong about that?
In other news I read and finished a really great and amazing book today that I had been wanting to read since my mom picked it up. I read Heaven is For Real and I found it to be absolutely uplifting and emotionally captivating. I read through all 27 chapters and I laughed, I cried, I thought more than I normal do when I read anything, even nonfiction. This book is by far the best thing I have read because it is so raw and real and believable. Granted I know there are some who can read scientific fact and still say it isn't true. And that is fine, I just am happy to know I am more open minded than that. Reading everything in this book is a little bit out there for some but I think it is just what others need to get a grip on what really is going on, or how their life is really going. I really don't know what else to say but that you should read it because it is amazing and wonderful and I want to buy a copy of my own to lend out to friends because it is that good. Most of you who read this know I only buy books if I intend to keep them. So let that mean something to you, that I would want this book in my collection. On my shelf with all of my fiction and my dictionaries and thesauruses. In many languages. =] Yes. If  you want any info on the book you can look here: or here: or you can Google it and look for the nearest location to purchase it at to you. =] Enjoy and happy reading until I blog again!