Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nothing since January? Really?

Well that will not do. I cannot possibly have let myself go for so long without my connection to the other world that is the internet and telling absolutely everyone about all my problems. That is beside the point though, because I have some fabulously amazing news for you all.
Hopefully you all have some form of cable and are aware of what shows are on air right now and such. I have been watching NBC's The Voice for the last season and a half and have been encouraged to audition for a place in the blind auditions and I am going to do exactly that. On the 31st of March (the end of this month) Eric and I and one of his coworkers will be driving to L.A. to do the first round of auditions and I am very excited! Not only will we be doing that but in this upcoming week I will be on a local radio station for what I believe is an interview and a preview of my audition. 
How did I manage to land myself on the radio station you ask? Like this: Eric and I were driving to school this morning and I was in the passenger seat. On the radio comes this segment "Riddle Me This" and it asked what 3 in 10 people aged 25-35 have done or will do in the next year. Eric prompted me to call in and guess what it might be much to my displeasure. Despite my protesting I call in anyway and put forth the guess that they will get a tattoo. I guessed wrong but my answer segued into if I had a tattoo, what it was, and where. From that for those of you who know what my tattoo is and where you will find it amusing that I was asked if I was a musician. I am in a way but when I hear the word musician I do not assimilate it with someone who sings. I see them as a vocalist, still a musician, but not what I generally think of upon hearing the word. 
At telling the DJs that I sing they asked if I could sing them something and if I knew about The Voice and that they had some connections to one of the coaches and that they could possibly have an in for me in someway to a possible career (at least that was what I inferred from what I heard, not totally sure). Hearing that i said I would be going to L.A. at the end of the month for the first auditions and they said they would like to have me in the studio before (assuming) I become famous so they can have the "We knew here when" claim. I laughed and said of course I could come in and we set up an appointment to be on the show during the 8 o'clock hour. For those of you who would like to or can, you can listen in on 102.5 FM locally or tune in online at I'll be on the Jay & Niki show and you'll get to hear me get all flustered and sing and be myself on the radio instead of just in person or on Facebook. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!