Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ranting and raving

So. Today was church and this weekend was great. Went down to SB to for lunch with some family and then went to visit at the home. Got some really cool jewelry and had a wonderful time chatting it up with the ladies =]. This morning though, was not nearly as great.
I woke up and had some quick oats my mom made and sat down on the couch end so I could curl up. Dad comes out and asks if he can sit there. I should have said: What for? I'm already sitting here. And it's comfy. Mom's moves things for you to sit next to her. What I actually did: *small pouty face* Okay...sure. Gets up and moves to other side.
He didn't really check email or anything that is considered vitally important to the rest of the world that uses a computer on a daily basis. He played a game. An effin' RPG REAL TIME GAME. THAT DOESN'T SERVE A PURPOSE AT ALL!!!!!!!! ALL IT EFFIN' EVER DOES IS TAKE UP TIME AND SPACE FOR STUPID PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO LIFE OR HAVE SERIOUS CASES OF ESCAPISM IN THEIR LIVES, WHETHER OR NOT THEY NEED TO!!!!!!!!
Not to mention that this morning at church I come to find that not only is our service being moved from the designated building created specifically for worship, to the fellowship hall that was the sanctuary before we had the money to make the sanctuary, we're going to desecrate the walls and ceiling that we recently had redone to look so nice. Is everyone on crack these days? Seriously people, grow up and stop hiding behind the phrases "It's for the Lord" and "'The Lord wills it". If he did would so many of your now so few congregation be leaving like they have been? Or dropping like flies because they aren't under forty? Honestly, I said my piece and believed it was heard as it had been mentioned indirectly. But I suppose the like minded people to me as well as myself are unimportant because we asked to move back. But all the un-churched that are attending (no more than ten a month I believe) want what they want and I guess we'll keep changing until we are a feel good church.
Worshiping isn't just Sunday morning, but when your Sunday morning is taken away to be mashed up and used in a manner it was never quite intended for, can anyone help but be a little miffed? 

Well at least I told you it would be a rant....

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