Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five days have passed

And so much has changed in my life. But not really that much. So in the last five days I figured out that maybe I shouldn't say never, and also that why should my friends care so long as I'm happy and not in trouble/hurt? They shouldn't, but I know they will goes. Yes. I now have a boyfriend. Deal if you don't like him/can't stand him/whatever. I wanted something new, a change of pace, and I know for a fact that he'll treat me right, cause if he doesn't, my awesome ninja skills will be put to use. Along with all my friends too...So. That's all that's really pressing in my life right now. That and I really do hope that the Allan Hancock Foundation enjoyed the performance the Allan Hancock Choral Singers did for them tonight! I know I enjoyed it ^^
And yes, this was short and probably a waste of your time. Too bad =P

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