Friday, June 17, 2011

Almost a month again!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted anything! I guess I must have been really busy, which means that this should definitely be a long post. We shall see, especially since I'm not sure how much longer I can stay awake.

So. To start off, I've got another year of college under my belt though I do believe all the units I've taken and how I've spent these past two years only amount to almost a year of full term student-ness. Eek I need to really get myself together. Anyway, finals weren't as hard as I made them seem and as usual I over stressed and felt like a complete idiot doing it. Thankfully a rather qualified individual was there through it all with me, dealing with his own stress and problems no doubt. What a great man he will be, if ever anyone dares call him a man anytime soon. (I <3 Eric!) After finals wasn't too crazy though I still have yet to check the Hancock website to see if they have a complete list of classes for the fall.

In other wonderful news Eric and I have been going together for seven months and seven days now. Yes I did just look at my calendar to tell you the semi-exact date/timeline. Lol I don't care how dorky you think I am right now, I promise you, it gets better. =p not only have we been together that long, I have a vase full of a variety of roses (not breeds of actual living roses, a collection of different materials you can use to make roses) sitting on my nightstand and I have a new idea for some really awesome ink. I also have been working on my own little projects to give to Eric in return for all the roses he keeps giving me. =] Granted it doesn't really do anything useful, but sentiment means the world to a lot of people, including me.

I also have been trying to not stay up too late, not only because of the sever trauma it can cause to the...blah blah blah. Yes staying up late is bad if you do it all the time lol, but I normally don't and I now have a new fear of the time 3 AM. Yes that's right lovelies, I have demon phobia. Thanks to a dear lovely Crystal and a movie night of awesome that scared the bejesus outta me I am damn near petrified of staying up and awake around three in the morning or later unless I wake up after four...and if you haven't guessed it yet you haven't seen the movie. It's a good movie, it just really made me over thing just about everything and scared me sh*tless for reasons that most people wouldn't understand or wouldn't care to try to understand. And Crystal, I'm not knocking you at all in your choice of movies! I am just a frail, terrified, and in my opinion, too easily influenced girl that takes things in extreme ways. ~>.<~ For those totally and thoroughly confused the movie we watched together was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Though not as terrifying graphically as The Exorcist, it makes you think just as hard if not harder about what you will believe in and what leads you to any decisions you make in your life. It also makes you think about the politics behind religion and what the word faith means when attributed to it and it is an all in all very good movie, but if you are borderline anything or are extremely fearful of the unknown/paranormal you should probably rent a Disney movie instead.

And that is pretty much what has happened with me and my life for the last month. Preview of next month unless a disaster worthy of my blog hits is that Eric and I will be taking a trip to Vallejo to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in July. And there will be feeding of the dolphins! Yay! I'm really excited for this trip and I love that it's like going to Magic Mountain AND Sea World at the same time. So until then or a major life crisis arises according to me, I will be floating around in cyberspace lovelies!