Thursday, May 24, 2012

On Spring Cleaning and Other Such Stuff

I realize that I haven't posted anything for two months but I don't often get an urge to tell the world about my day, because it is usually the most boring thing you will ever read. That is beside the point though. Today I am going to talk about my room. I've cleaned it and I have a new bed (yay!!) but it still is not how I would like it to be, there is a lot of clutter that I can't get rid of because I have no place to filter any of it while I arrange and rearrange everything so I can utilize what little storage space I do have. What I mean to say is, I have no where to put most of my clothes because I have no where to put my stuff; knick knacks and dolls and stuffed animals and books that don't fit in my book case...things like that. And the topper on this cake? I could put a bunch of stuff in my closet in different ways (just look up closet storage and things like that) but I would need to take my doors off. My dad doesn't want me to take them off. I don't know why, but he said it was because we have no room to put them, I know that's a lie. Besides that I don't think he really wants me to be able to do anything useful with my room. Everything I want to do with it is nothing he wants to see done to it, so because I want to do it so desperately, I am not allowed. I don't see why I can't move my furniture around and maximize my closet space so that there is more space for me to work with in my room. I would be making something that I could be proud of for organization skills, decisiveness, creativity, and just that fact that I'm not complaining about not having anywhere to put my stuff. So it would make sense and seem reasonable to let me do that rather than listening to me complain and complain and complain right? Maybe I'm the only one that sees that so I'm talking to myself here, but couldn't I be on to something?