Thursday, October 28, 2010

To hate or not to hate...that is MY question.

So. Lots to update my ravishing readers with now. =]

To start: My dad forgot me at home on purpose on Sunday!!!! How mean!!!!!
Then I get invited to the costume themed "Benefit Concert". I invited people and no one came because they forgot. So my mom, brother, and I were there and hardly got talked to by the cool and popular crowd. So I go to update my Facebook status and one friend says 'aww I totally forgot!!!' and i replied 'that's okay. wasn't much fun anyway'
The entire benefit concert was two performances by single artists that are not famous in any way. Now, I'm not against indie music, but when it's cover songs, serenades to one mans fiance and a bunch of kids younger than me, I'm really not having a good time.
I check my Facebook late today and I see that two people have commented that the concert was great and fun and why didn't I have any fun, and one person likes one of the status's that says to dislike my comment.....seriously?
What haters. And from my own church no less!
So in jest, to my friends that would understand, seeing as my boy situation is less than stellar...I'm considering becoming a lesbian and an atheist/agnostic whatever/ heathen. =] For everyone else, I'm just going to keep on being me. Which means to pay no mind to the sentence before the former one. K, thanks! Bye!

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