Thursday, January 6, 2011

Undercover work, anyone?

So I have made some discoveries of the unsavory kind in regards to a certain person. Some of you may know exactly who this is, and others, well I can only hope you never have the misfortune of meeting them. =] Anyway on with my ranting and raving about this person. They apparently are never single for long and are always with more than one person. 
How rude right? And on top of that, they believe this life of evil can keep going on unchecked and disturbed. But then I am here, and wrecking ball that I am, have every and utmost intention to bring them down. Here is where I would say with any means possible, but that ends up with jail sentences and stuff like that. Not really my thing, sooo.... On with plan super B!
I have contact information to this person and have my ways of making more discoveries. If any of you are willing, have the time, or just like to see people like this come into contact with harsh and jarring reality known as life, please respond to me so I can give you anything that works! Thanks lovelies =]


  1. Oh, I'm feeling your pain honey! I know someone who has the same unsavory character, and my acquaintance with said person caused much pain in my life, pain which I am still trying to heal from. Hang in there! You can always call me if you need to talk! :-)

  2. Ahhh the sad life of us, eh? Thanks so much Amanda =] and I honestly just hope that they get found out by the people they keep lying too. That's the worst kind of punishment that is also the most satisfying. But even if not, I'll know if anyone comes asking. ><

  3. hey, can i have the information of this person? i really like to mess around with anyone who deserves it. :)

  4. TOTALLY! lol got a way for me to pm you or something? =]

  5. yeah, just email me at =D
    thanks by the way!! I've been looking for a productive way to procrastinate!!! =D