Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Short and Sweet

Well, I must say that even though I don't always enjoy school it is great to be back again. Not much to my classes thought I know some would call me crazy. All classes with the same teacher? Psh. Easy peasy until I lose my mind =P. Also on another high note, I am being somewhat forced to, but for my own good, to ride my bike to school. Not so much of an issue if I were more in shape lol. But that's exactly what it's about. 
And in regards to my previous post, if you can't PM me on here I will attach an email for you to reach me at =] so you can, if you so choose, contact me for further information on said jerk all star. 
Best news yet: I'm in choir. Again. =] yay! Most definitely my favourtie class of all and yes, I am again a soprano and today our warm up reached a C! Woot! So. I am most certainly going to enjoy my semester even if my buttocks is sore from a hard seat, and I'm a crazy woman for taking three classes with the same teacher. =]

Until we meet again loves,

headfirst_for_halos77@yahoo.com =]

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