Friday, September 28, 2012

Catching up to do

There is certainly a lot of catching up for me to do. I have my room clean! And rearranged! I also cleaned my car today but that wasn't nearly has difficult as I thought it would be. The reptile collection is growing and Eric and I now have a business name (sort of, no license but a concept I suppose). We are: Lt. Dan's Creature Feature. You can find us on Facebook or shoot us an email at Finally we are getting something started that may make us so money on the side! I also applied and went into Quizno's to talk to the manager so I could have a better chance at a job. Hoping that pulls through. On the negative side, (I'm sure you all knew this was coming) I don't know what to do or how to feel about my parents right now.
My church has been putting together a new photo directory for the last week and our family appointment was on the first day and Eric's was immediately following ours. I being the insensitive genius that I am didn't think to ask if he could be part of our picture, seeing as we are getting married next year and, of course, that makes him part of the family. It got pointed out to me by Eric and I felt terrible because I didn't notice it at all and I feel like I should have noticed, said and done something about it until it was corrected. Now he will forever be emblazoned on photo paper alone, with my family all together and people will wonder if we were really together or if we were just close friends. It upsets me that in the process of this they didn't even offer to include him in the picture, let alone say "of course you're family!" to Eric. I realize it is useless for me to rant about this and not talk to them but I feel like they are trying to find any excuse they can to keep us from being together and to show everyone we know that this is in no way permanent. It is not happening. Myra is not getting married to a good Mormon boy who will always treat her right and will never hurt her in anyway and will always take care of her before himself. At least, that's what they try to put off. I don't know what is worse, my parents rejecting the idea of me getting married or Eric's parents treating me more like their own child than my parents do sometimes.

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