Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogger, how I've missed you!

And it's been over a month! I can't believe how busy I've been, and I can't really consider myself that busy compared to others. Hmm where to start? So, we know Eric is living somewhere new for the school year, and we also know that he has snakes, and a kitty. Hmmm. He also has a new job at Food Maxx pushing carts. It's hard work and he's tired when he gets home and I feel bad that he hurts so much after work, but I can't make it any better, even if I were to get a job there. -Sigh- Anyway, I still have not found a job yet either and it's rather frustrating, because as much as I want one I don't know where to look. I also don't know what else I can do to get a job. On top of that I've dropped my econ class because I was not understanding a single bit of it and I didn't really care for the professor, he irked me with his ridiculously quiet voice, pompous attitude of "I know best, I teach the subject",  and the way he decided to pick people to do group work or speak in class. All of it would have made my semester much worse than it has been, and I didn't need that stress.
Hmmm. Not much else I can put up because that's about all I have right now. I know it sounds pretty lame, and is extremely short, even for me. But, alas! Life doesn't always give me interesting things to write about. On a side note, how many of you would like me to include a mini character into my blogging to add some spice and to counteract all my weirdness? That came out wrong but I lost my train of thought as to where I was going to take that sentence so there. Let me know! On Facebook or on Blogger! Later lovelies!

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