Friday, September 2, 2011

School time again

Yes it is that time again. Time for school. Honestly it happened way too fast. I don't know where the summer went, especially since everything I did was big and didn't have much to do with a lot of people so much as a select few. Don't get me wrong, I loved everything I did this summer, but I really hope that next year I can do more with more people. :) 

So now that I am back in school I have also commenced with the hunting of job-ness aka: I am still looking for a job. But. <-- Yes, I know it's bad grammar; I have turned in almost 8 different job applications. Hopefully I manage to get something so that next semester I can actually pay for my books instead of having my parents pay for them. It was especially hard this year, because unlike any other year I've been in school, we didn't qualify for the financial aid. It was really a sucker to everything we had planned. =[ But I did make it into four classes. 1. Micro economics, of which I'm fairly confident will be my least favorite class. 2. World civilizations to 1600, not the most entertaining class but super easy - even without a book. 3. Intro to Biology, a super fun and easy class that is also a lot of work but certainly worth it. 4. Swim fitness lab. Need I say more? Lol I don't really think so. But I was so terribly sad because to take my Biology class I couldn't take choir!!!!!! What travesty! What horror! What unbearable agony! Especially for me! The only reason, and I hate to say it, that it was a relief I couldn't take choir this semester is because of my most favorite, affable tenor. And no, it isn't Phil, it's Ryan. I would say he is the least like of all choir members, and by more than just people in choir. Sorry Dr. Lucas!!! 
And on top of all of this Eric has moved out of his parents house and is now renting a room from my friend Crystal. So far it's worked out pretty well I think, except for his choice in pet. He wants snakes and Crystal is uncomfortable with the thought of them in the house, though she has warmed up to my baby pretty well. My baby's name is Jezebel, and she is a ball python normal girl, only a few weeks old and not even two feet! But I think she's pretty cute. She won't bite me, though I think that might change once we feed her. For now, Eric is taking care of her at Crystal's, then when he get's his ball python Lesser male I will be taking her home. I'm excited at having a new pet and she is less maintenance than my adorable kitty but almost as much fun. So yes, I believe that is all, besides that my birthday is now 12 days away =] and I really want to go to Borders in San Luis so that I can snag major deals on the awesome Kelley Armstrong series! Well I hope at least! Thanks for reading lovlies!

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