Saturday, April 2, 2011

=]/Hmmmm.. =]

So yesterday on my grandpa's birthday my boyfriend Eric and I had a picnic at one of the parks near my house. It was really nice and the weather wasn't too bad. The only thing that went wrong was not having enough wood to cook the meat. In our flurry of calls to anyone we could think of for some help in the form of more wood or charcoal we called my grandma to ask if she could pick some up for us. Before she had left my dad came by with a bag of charcoal for us before he went to go pay taxes. As I call my grandma back to say not to worry about getting us any charcoal I let her know she can come eat with us if she wanted. So the three of us ate at the park and she had a really nice time picnicking with us, for which I am glad. =] After that Eric and I went out to eat with my grandma and family at Red Robin where Ron, someone who we go to church with, works. He ended up giving us a family discount which was really very nice of him to do. Since we had gone out to eat to celebrate my grandpa's birthday it was even more sweet of him. All of us, my family and Eric went back to my grandma's to watch some of the Dodgers game before Eric and I had to be at the movies. Eric and I were practicing swing dancing until it was time to go, got dropped off, ran into the McGilvary's, another family from church, -half of them anyway- and watched Hop. It was a pretty cute movie and I liked it. 
This morning I wake up and do some laundry for my mom then go to let the cat outside in the front yard when I notice a paper tied up in ribbon on our trash can. The only reason we would get any kind of paper is because of Eric, because he works selling newspaper subscriptions. This paper happened to be the San Louis Tribune. So maybe the music was too loud for me to hear him knock or maybe I'm just going crazy...But I will ask him about it when he gets here later today before he has to go home. ;)

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